Geralt of Rivia. Corel Painter and Manga Studio. 2016

Faye Valentine. Corel painter and Manga Studio. 2016

Sailor Moon. Manga Studio and Photoshop. 2015

Cirilla. Corel Painter and Manga Studio. 2016

Spider Gwen. Photoshop. 2015

Gengar. Corel Painter. 2016

Stickysheep. Manga Studio. 2015

Thinking Place. Scanned ink and Photoshop. 2013

Life is Sustenance. Manga Studio, Corel Painter, and Photoshop. Done for a local Zine. 2016

Smoke. Photoshop and traditional texture overlays. 2015.

Coffins. Manga Studio. 2016

Memento Mori. Manga Studio and Corel Painter. Commission for client. 2016

Guts. Manga Studio. 2016

Digital Art

All artwork in this gallery was created digitally with zero to minimal involvement from traditional media. Software used includes Photoshop, Corel Studio, and Manga Studio/Clip Studio Paint.

Clicking the bottom right corner of each image will reveal the title, medium, and date. Clicking the image will zoom in/house to show the entire image!